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Welcome to Lincoln Nephrology!

A Philosophy of dedication, teamwork and a caring attitude affirms our faith at Lincoln Nephrology and Hypertension in building an atmosphere in which health is valued as a universal good.

We believe the right of every human being is the right to make choices and the right to live a quality life up to one’s maximum potential.  Our goal is to provide for that quality of care through patient education, staff education and comprehensive care.

We dedicate our skills of teaching, listening and communication to all individuals regardless of race or status of living.

It is with great honor that we fulfill our obligations as health professionals and it is with great pride that we serve our patients at Lincoln Nephrology and Hypertension.

Business Hours

Monday-Thursday       8:00-4:30

Friday                             8:00-4:00

Closed daily                 12:00-1:00

Lab Hours

Monday-Thursday       8:00-3:30

Friday                             8:00-3:00

Closed daily                 11:30-1:00

No appointment necessary for lab